Will is a powerful mental faculty. The ability to focus to the exclusion of other distractions for extended periods of time generates phenomenal results when called forward for necessary assignment.

Yet must we be resigned to the allotment of will power each assigned to us at birth or can we actually do something to increase it?

First this question begs some correction. Our “allotment” of will power was “assigned” to us at birth only in part on the basis of our genetics.

Then our environment took over during our early and most formative years while we were growing up under our respective parents’ care.

So, there is a nature and nurture component to this question which we should just go ahead and side step. For whatever combined reason, our will power is as it is right now.

As such, we need to start right where we are right now to assess where our will power is and then for those willing to exercise this mental faculty increase it.

Bob Proctor of the Proctor Gallagher Institute indicates a couple of ways in which to increase our will.

One is to light a candle across from a comfortable chair in which we regularly sit and stare at it until we “become one with the flame.”

Second is to place a small dot on the wall across the way from another comfortable chair and stare at it in such a manner that it holds our attention.

When our attention drifts away, Bob suggests we simply bring it back to the dot or the candle’s flame.

Great! Let’s give it a go. Hey there grasshopper, there is one other thing you should know.

Just like a one time pump and dump at the gym is going to do nothing for you with the likely exception of making your arms and legs feel like they would be better if they just fell off …

A one time shot at this exercise isn’t going to do anything for you. The key is to do this activity repetitively each day for a period of time.

Let’s try it for a month and see how much of an increase we can gain. Too much work, you say!?

Are you kidding me? Go ahead and make a commitment to just go ahead and do it.

A few minutes a day to reap huge results which will set you beyond the abilities of most of the pack … that’s worth it!

So, just go ahead and make a commitment to yourself and if you need someone else to hold your feet to the flame if you find yourself unwilling to keep your eye on it …

Go ahead and send me a line and let’s see about getting you to be “Thinking Into Results.” Cheers!