“A Worthy Ideal” – Setting  and Achieving Worthy Goals is the first lesson in Thinking Into Results. 

As the name implies, this lesson’s overarching aim is to teach people how to approach goal setting.

Firstly, Bob Proctor points out that only a small percentage of the population that goes to the trouble to set goals at all.

And of that small group, a much smaller subset go to the trouble to write their goal down.

Right away this is a huge problem! One of the most commonly offered adage in the financial services industry is: “We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan.”

Take a moment to think about that for awhile. If you don’t even know what your goal is, how in the world are you going to start the process of planning to go after it?

So, even if you find yourself not willing to avail yourself of the wisdom that follows this sentence, for goodness sake at least decide on a goal and write it down!

Now, for those of you who are in the top 3% or so of the population who do have a goal, you probably have been exposed to the conventional thought to set a S.M.A.R.T goal.

S.M.A.R.T.  is the acronym for goals which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timebound and they just don’t cut it.

See, while the specificity, measurability, and timebound elements of these types of goals are good, the achievability and realistic elements of S.M.A.R.T goals are not.

Bob Proctor insists that we decide to go after a goal that we really want. Want is the only precondition.

Your want should be so strong that it can be characterized as the emotion of “desire.”

Better yet, make that a “BURNING DESIRE!!!”

In this first lesson, Bob takes time to explain that there is a hierarchy of goals which he labels as A, B, and C.

A-Type Goals are those goals which you want to again accomplish.

Bob explains that while perhaps worthy of repeat, an A-type goal is not appropriate because there is no growth involved.

Bob further indicates that the lack of growth is a huge problem.

Goals are designed to grow, not to get.

Let that sink in.

Goals are to grow, not to get!

Failure to understand this is why so many people feel empty when through the sheer will of plowing through with blinders on they arrive at their goal.

Have you ever had that sense upon fulfilling your goal that there really wasn’t much if any good that came from it? I know I have and it doesn’t feel good.

See, to live a fulfilling life, you have to love what you do.

So, by all means don’t set a goal to accomplish something that you have already done before!

B-Type Goals are those types of goals which you “think” you might be able to accomplish.

This type of goal will usually provide some growth if achieved, but because it is something that you “think” you can do, there are a couple of problems with it.

First, a goal pursued solely on what we “think” is possible fails to tap into the positive emotions resident within our subconscious and as a result is often abandoned at an early difficulty.

Second, this type of goal generally makes us reliant on our current perception of external situations instead of developing a new mindset which better harmonizes with our goal.

As the Thinking Into Results program builds, this second point becomes much more clear. So, we’ll just let it be for now.

Bottom line, B-type goal should be thrown out. They’re just not SMART!

Again we need to remember: To live a fulfilling life, you have to love what you do.

Arriving then upon the proper goal to set, can you guess the name? Yes.

C-Type Goals are those that you  really, really want. Goals that you want with an absolute passion!

Bob Proctor indicates that to secure this type of goal, you first must be willing to use your imagination. He says to go ahead and build a fantasy.

At the beginning this fantasy may only be a dream. But, dreams do come true when you do just a few things more.

First, decide that you are ABLE to secure your fantasy.

As an important disclaimer, this is the exact point where most people goof up.

The vast majority immediately ask the dream-life killing question: HOW?

DON’T DO THAT! Do NOT start by asking how.

True, this is counter to the training of virtually everyone on the planet. But, 99% of the planet is not living up to anything near their potential.

The 1% seem to have figured out what really works, so instead follow their lead.

In Thinking Into Results, Bob cites a number of examples of people who have created results which had previously had been considered lunacy.

Each of our abilities are virtually limitless.  So, don’t ask how, but rather make a thoughtful decision.


Then, there is another question.

Ask yourself, is my passion so powerful that I am willing to pursue it?

Yes, it’s quite possible that the people in your life are not going to understand what you are up to and are going to attempt to frustrate your efforts.

Yes, you will likely have to do things which are far outside your current comfort zone.

Yes, you most certainly will be tested as to your level of persistence.

For the right fantasy though, it is still worth the effort.

And so when your passion for your fantasy goes beyond all that, you have only one decision to make.


Bob indicates that in that instant, the fantasy becomes not only a theory, but also your goal!

The decision though must be a committed decision. It’s irrevocable!

As a word of caution, while life requires us to yet conduct many other activities, as to C-type goals you must pursue only one for which your other sub-goals are in harmony so as not to get distracted in its realization.

And this brings us finally to perhaps the quite certainly the most important point.

Bob Proctor’s mentor Earl Nightingale created what Bob also recognizes as the very best definition of success.

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal!”

Thinking Into Results continues to unpack this concept in the lessons ahead.

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