Today I started training at LA Fitness with Alberto Meza.

I also started Phase I of 75 Hard with Zimel.

My critical 8 tasks for today are all now a retrospective.

  1. Make calls (though I didn’t even break 20 outbound sales calls).
  2. Train with Alberto.
  3. Thank Melissa for giving me a rather aggressive nudge regarding training.
  4. Speak up on the sales call (which allowed me to learn Jeff Bosworth intends to be at our club on Monday).
  5. Get the oatmeal and honey Alberto recommended and chat up Rob at CVS and Dylan at Albertsons about membership.
  6. Walk a few extra steps to the dog park after my walk to see the big (albeit not full) moon.
  7. Check that my WSBA profile is current.
  8. Put together this post.

NOTE: Ballard LA Fitness GM Tyler had some news too!