Bob Proctor used to often explain that feelings are one’s conscious awareness of one’s vibrations.

Really think about that for awhile.

In yesterday’s post I talked about how ruminations are often painful, but that we can turn them on their head and make ruminations pleasurable as well.

For those that do the later, they are really tapping into their desire by creating a direct link between their intellectual and emotional minds by fixating on that which they want.

Specifically, want is intellectual whereas desire is emotional.

Now, what’s really interesting is that one’s emotional state is a reflection of one’s “vibrations.”

What the hell does that mean? Believe me, this was something that I asked myself repeatedly as well.

And because I am trained to follow the evidence – the evidence of my senses – it took me much longer to understand this than many of my Proctor Gallagher Institute colleagues who were able to just go ahead and accept the idea.

Me though? To come to an understanding of the truth, I wanted to build a logical proof – yes, a “proof” as in geometry – that was as strong as a “brick shit house.”

It is much easier to go on faith, but that’s just not how I roll. Think of me as not a “doubting Thomas” but rather an “unbelieving Robert.”

Now, continuing with all this bit about vibrations, Proctor would further indicate that everything is vibrations and that “we live in an ocean of motion.”

Ok, what is the evidence for this?

Well, we know that we have water waves and this is the whole piece about ocean. We also know that we are each comprised of more than 80% water. Ergo, we are in motion.

No, even though we are on to something here, this is a week proof.

But, Proctor does explain that even when our spirit has left our body, our body though appearing “stiff” is still vibrating. This – even if not exposed to bacteria – is why the body ultimately decomposes.

Ok, now we are getting a little closer.

Proctor also explained that a Russian photographer named Simian Kurlian developed a method of picturing the image of energy which is given off by the body which apparently has different hues depending on one’s emotional state. Ok, now if that is true, we are getting much more close here.

And when we think about the overall claim that everything vibrates.

Well, we know that at least our eyes and ears are able to discern slight differences in vibratory rates, right? We see this with a rainbow. And if we have ever gone to a rock concert, we know that there can be a cross-over from what we hear to what we feel if we get up and close to the speakers.

How about a dog whistle though? We can’t hear that, but the dog can right?

Or smell and taste? Well, our senses are not nearly as developed as a dog and most other animals, but there must be some sort of way that the “information” is passed. Does this come in through the airwaves.

Curiously, while thinking about smell and taste, think about the forked tongue of a snake. This would allow “stereoscopic” perception to allow a pinpointing of location, right?

How about the fact that we each now carry a smart phone in our pockets which somehow sends a “signal” to radio towers which are in turn beamed up to satellites and back down to ultimately find the person we are calling wherever they are in the world (barring some sort of “blockage”).

Going micro, look at the vibratory signal that comes from our heart.

Now going macro, look at the vibratory rate of the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, and decade long fluctuations in the stock markets.

So, I think this whole idea of vibrations being everywhere has the distinct possibility of being accurate.

But now then, what of this business that feeling is conscious awareness of one’s vibratory rate. That’s still kind of a leap of faith.

But if it is real and then add to it the fact that we can train ourselves to control our feelings.

Well, now we are getting into some really powerful materials.

Perhaps someone like Jesus was a man who was incredibly skilled at controlling his emotions so that he could literally turn water into wine.

I don’t believe I will ever get to that point and I don’t know if we will ever “witness” anyone else who can as well.

But, imagine if we get really emotionally involved with something and as a result start taking action on the physical plane – i.e. with the body that God gave each of us.

If that’s the case, it stands to reason that if we keep at it our goal. A goal that we can really believe in and pursue with all of our heart, that we should have a good chance of achieving it right?

Well to this Bob Proctor indicates that as soon as we nest that goal in our subconscious mind as a desire that turns into belief, we are already there and it will come into being – it’s preordained.

Ok, that’s “a bit” outside of the boundary of proof, but what if it is true??? Wouldn’t it be worth the gamble?

I feel good thinking that it is!