The imagination is the most powerful, most miraculous inconceivably powerful force hat the world has ever known.

Bob Proctor pointed out this quote of Napoleon Hill’s often.

Yet, Bob Proctor also indicated that while we were allowed to use our imagination as small kids ‘to get us out from under our parents feet,’ when we go to school we are generally taught that imagination is only for little kids.

But how is it that we tend to think that the imagination is not much more than ‘pixie dust and unicorns?’

I think it is because we don’t really understand how practical a solid imagination is.

Think of it this way, if you place yourself in a new environment, would you like to be able to draw on your imagination or not?

I suppose in large part that depends on whether the mind militates to fearful or joyous thoughts.

If the former, it is probably much better to just find out as you go how your new environment is going to treat you.

But, that puts one in a reactionary stance with respect to one’s environment. And as I well found out, fight, flight or fawn – the three main reactions when fearfully aroused – are not conducive to a positively engaging experience.

By contrast, “imagine” entering into a strange environment and imagining that you will find all of the people there pleasantly surprised and happy to have you join their company.

Now, in this frame of mind, how do you think you would act? Would it be more conducive to the generation of better relationships?

You know it would!

And now imagine exactly what it is that you would like to be doing in 3 – 5 years.

That’s pretty awesome, right!

This allows us to escape, if only in our minds, the toil which may exist in our lives.

That’s right, instead of a life in which each of our days has the appeal of rolling a rock up the hill each day, just to have it roll right back down that evening for us to start over the next ad nauseum into eternity as storied by the Greek myth of Sisyphus.

Through our imagination, we can determine the lives that we want to live, make a decision that those lives are what we will live, and act to bring those lives into being.

See, the act of imagination allows us to both determine where we want to go and how to manifest that existence too.

So, but for the fact that we have our imagination, we would be totally stuck!

Now isn’t that interesting. Why do you think that we would be taught to be stuck?

I have come to believe that it is because people who have chosen not to really exercise, decide, and act on their imagination, believe this is the best way for others to live too.

Well, their lack of imagination, doesn’t have to be mine or yours.

Break free from that stricture. Practice developing your imagination perhaps by starting to read books on adventures you wish you could take.

If nothing else, this will take you on a mental vacation which will allow you to better endure what might otherwise be a miserable living situation …

Until all of a sudden, you come to realize that through your imagination, you come to realize that you can make a change.

And with a decision and the continued actions to adhere to your decision, your life can be turned around in an instant.

That is the absolutely miraculous value of an imagination. And what’s even better, you don’t have to pay anyone a cent to use yours!

HAVE A GREAT MONDAY; IT’S VALENTINES DAY! It’s a bit rainy out here in Seattle, but I imagine I will have a great time taking my daughter over to school before I am off to work too!