Good Wednesday Morning! This was supposed to be my Tuesday post, but we got knocked off track on Monday with a bit of a Valentines surprise with one of the kids.

As a parent, the welfare of the kids comes before all else and so we spent some time in discussions that put me off course yesterday.

Problem was that I have been starting and “failing” phase I of Andy Frisella’s Live Hard program. See, instead of all the work required to be done each day for 75 days, phase 1 requires more work but for only 30 days.

I’ll get into the details about that another time. But, needless to say all of this starting and not completing … which is considered “failing” has become a bit of a habit.


30 days from today, I want to be able to stand tall, arms extended while looking into the mirror as a demonstration of VICTORY!

I envision myself being able to reenact what my son used to say when he was very young and complete a learning task: “I DID IT!”

And you see it all the time, especially now during the Beijing Winter Olympics; the medalists – particularly those securing the gold – almost invariably display this “victory stance.”

Ok, but now how does this all relate to emotional mastery though?

Well, first I think it is safe to assume that the “victory stance” has been posed for darn near time immemorial by those who win – or intend to win – in a physical contest.

It seems to me that it is a projection of power over others. I suspect, but have no time here and now to confirm, that anthropologists and/or biologists would be able to bear out this supposition too.

More interestingly, I would like to pair this with another thought.

See, in Earl Nightingale’s Lead the Field he indicated:

Actions Trigger Feelings, Just as Feelings Trigger Actions.

So what this suggests is that if you want to feel like a champion, go ahead and strike a pose – specifically, the “victory stance.”

Now, I know this sounds silly, but the emotional mind doesn’t perceive what the rational mind perceives as silly.

So, go ahead and be silly! Strike the pose and then follow through with the actions which are in allignment with the victor that you are.

Or perhaps even better for me, use this as a reward each day before I go to sleep for that day’s success … after I complete for the day all of my Live Hard tasks!