What is the difference between a pound of muscle and a pound of fat? A lot. Take a look above.

The muscle is ordered and dense, the fat is sprawling and disorganized.

Both have their purposes, but the former is useful for activity, the later is useful as insulation and for reserves.

Unfortunately, most Americans

Yes, I’m sure you know George Thorogood’s classic “One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer.”

I remember first hearing this song sometime when I was in middle school. It was playing on the ice rink’s overhead as classmate John Ursu performed the role of power skater for our game of “crack the whip.”

The song itself

As mentioned in a previous post, last year I was challenged, accepted, and completed Andy Frisella’s 75 Hard program.

This program on its face appears to be about losing weight, but as Frisella explains is really about helping to adapt one’s mindset.

Tasks include: 2 – 45 minute workouts each day one of which must

On July 7th of last year I started working for LA Fitness.

I also figured that this would be a great way to learn how to sell; a life skill which I had never much developed.

And, I figured this would be a great way to both get in shape after having gone far to

For over a year I have been seeking to envision Boundary Breakthroughs. But at a deeper level, I have been working on this for much longer.

It took a very short period of time for me to realize that when neighbors hire attorneys to sort out their issues with the neighbor there is something really

It’s Maundy Thursday 2019. On Easter Morning, it will have been exactly 6 months since I retreated from my neighbor law practice of 10 years. It has not been a pleasant practice area.

Fortunately, I never witnessed outright violence. But, I did take on the emotional violence associated with stepping into the trenches to break