Thinking Into Results (“TIR”) is a masterful program designed to assist leaders and their firms to achieve extraordinary results in their professional and personal lives.

Based on over a half century of the study and teachings of humans success and achievement, the program provides a straight-forward, methodical, step-by-step disection and reconstruction of the aggregated thoughts of the world’s foremost living practitioner and leader – Bob Proctor.

Bob Proctor has now been studying and implementing these ideas since 1961.

Yes, a total of 60 years!

Growing up relatively poor of spirit, health and financial resources in Toronto, at age 26 Bob found himself in a job which paid him $4,000 and debts owed to others of $6,000.

In other words, if Bob did nothing but put his then earnings to debt repayment and  consumed absolute nothing, it would have taken him 18 months to become debt-free.

Fortunately, Bob was presented with Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich. He decided to read this book every day and shortly after this also decided to become wealthy.

Aided by a condensed, recorded version of Hill’s book by radio legend Earl Nightingale, Bob soon saw explosive growth in his income.

Contrary to what the vast majority would do if similarly situated, Bob decided to borrow another $1,000 and opened a cleaning business and within the year had brought his annualized monthly earnings up to $175,000.

Then, within 5 years, Bob had taken his annual income to over a million!


It was through the repetition of the materials that he was studying as well as the inspiration with which he left his employees through his company’s required study of the same.

Bob decided to better understand how it was that he had witnessed such a positively bewildering change of fortune and in doing so sold his business to work directly with and for Earl Nightingale.

Bob knew that in doing so, he would secure an education of a lifetime.

And as someone who had not even gone through more than 2 months of high school, Bob knew to do even better would require elite mentorship.

Bob also wanted to go straight to the top!

So, Bob sold his cleaning business and moved to Chicago to join Nightingale’s firm.

Nightingale was Bob’s idol. He had been directly mentored by Napoleon Hill. Napoleon Hill in turn had been directly mentored by the richest man in the world at the beginning of the 20th Century – Andrew Carnegie.

Notably, it was a young Napoleon who brought full awareness to the full process of extraordinary growth with his authoring of Think and Grow Rich

In a mere 29 seconds, Hill accepted Carnegie’s challenge to make a 20 year study of the laws of success with his sole payment from Carnegie to be introductions to 500-plus of the leading businessmen of their era.

For Bob it all appeared to be coming around full circle.

Bob realized that after over a half decade of reading Hill’s book working with and for Nightingale was not merely getting a job.

He was getting the opportunity  to add himself directly to this incredible lineage.

Onboard at Earl Nightingale and his partner Lloyd Conat’s firm, Bob’s contributions served to assure this lineage is without question the world’s best.

Bob quickly rose within a year to become the Vice President of Sales at Nightingale-Conant and achieved extraordinary results.

Five years later, Bob decided to go out on his own and created a firm which bore his name.

Over the intervening years, Bob has created several programs and has given presentations all over the world.

Bob Proctor has worked  with major insurance companies, airlines, sports teams, and tech giant IBM to make $ Billions in additional sales.

In 2006, along came a Seattle lawyer who headed the banking M&A practice at Davis Wright Tremaine.

This attorney is none other than Sandra Gallagher.

Sandy Gallagher decided to use the concision gleaned from her legal studies and practice to take Bob Proctors’ materials a step further.

Sandy wanted to partner with Bob Proctor and help him to continue his legacy by building out an absolutely exceptional program to help all of the corporate business owners and their companies who she witnessed as an attorney better establish, implement, and achieve worthy goals.

In due course, their collaboration resulted in the behemoth which they together continue to build around the world today – The Proctor Gallagher Institute.

After intensive study of these materials for the past 2 years, I too have seen incredible personal progress and have decided to dedicate myself fully to helping leaders and the firms they run to achieve results which most dare not even imagine.

Yours truly, this “Bob” considers himself experienced too. I have lived in Minneapolis, Santa Fe, Colorado Springs, Seattle, Taipei, Guangzhou, & Hangzhou.

I’ve worked in International Export; Securities Brokerage & Banking; Chinese Real Property Development; and Real Property, Neighbors’ Boundary Dispute Law.

I am a son and brother; a husband; and a father of both a daughter and son here in the states.

I am also an in-law to parents, siblings, nephews and a niece, and even a few grand-nephews in China.

I understand both the highs and the lows of life and through all of my education, experience, and travel, I have NEVER found information anywhere near as helpful as this!

So, now I am an Executive Coach. And I love it!

If you want to move far beyond your current conditions and circumstances to live a life of both service and pleasure by helping yourself, your family, and your team to achieve virtually any imaginable RESULTS, you too should make a DECISION.

Decide to check in with me right away!

We will make an arrangement to clarify your purpose and vision; set your first goal; facilitate your study; and assure accountability in order for you to achieve that which you truly want by using the Proctor Gallagher Institute’s most elite goal focused program – Thinking Into Results!