Justice Smiles primarily helps people with the Proctor Gallagher Institute’s program “Thinking Into Results.”

We insist that all warring neighbors have a problem which relates to their inability to reconcile their deep-seated, subconscious issues which manifest as legal disputes.

JUSTICE SMILES is willing help resolve those issues, but believes it has a duty to leave its clients much better off than then came … and Thinking Into Results allows this!

Neighbor to Neighbor Offer to Mediate

Start a conversation with your neighbors to mediate by passing this document along to them. If they are wise, you may be able to jumpstart the resolve of your issues and only need help with document formatting.

Justice Smiles Assisted Offer to Mediate

Have Justice Smiles initiate an offer to mediate by sending a letter to your neighbors on your behalf. If your neighbors rebuke this offer, Justice Smiles will offer you consulting services and may serve as your expert witness.

Rebuked Neighbor to Neighbor Offer to Mediate Affidavit

Affirm your Neighbor to Neighbor Offer to Mediate attempt by discoverable affidavit and we will move directly to offer you consultative and any appropriate expert witness services.