Justice Smiles, pllc provides Legal Intermediary and Coaching Services.

Though spending over a decade helping neighbors, surveyors, and legal counsel resolve conflict and settle boundary disputes … we realized our aim was WAY TO SMALL?

Boundary Disputes are: “An external manifestation of an internal problem.”

JUSTICE SMILES determined to find out how to “manifest” better results and hit PURE GOLD.

Boundary Breakthroughs is where we provide general discussions about “MANIFESTING GOALS.”

This information is based on the lifetime study of my mentor Bob Proctor.

You don’t know Bob Proctor? Well curious, have you ever heard of Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, or Earl Nightingale?

How about names like, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Charles Schwab, or almost 500 other captains of industry from the turn of the previous century?

Bob Proctor is THE LIVING LEGEND in the field of human success and achievement. He his been at it for just shy of 60 [Sixty] YEARS!

And his partner, Sandy Gallagher, is no slouch either. She started her law career on Wall Street, returned and worked for a while at the precursor to Gordon Thomas Honeywell LLP, and finished it as the banking and securities division managing partner of Davis Wright Tremaine.

So, what does Justice Smiles do now?

We help individuals find the greatness they have within.

With that greatness found, these individuals are empowered to draw from their own and other’s witness to build great families and businesses … BOTH!

Our ultimate aim is to help great companies become great neighbors in the communities in which they serve to “close” the circle of abundance.

Love what you do, who you are, and the results you generate!

That’s the truth. Love is the Law[1].


[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJBwYdyINmQ