Hello World! It’s been far too long since I have been on this medium, but here I am. “We’re here, We’re now!”

I have finally come to realize that it is time to move forward with my coaching business. Why? Because of fear and lack of faith.

I’ll get to that after a bit. Presently, I want to go macro, to discuss the “intersectionality” of fear, faith & freedom.

And what better place to do this at the macro level, than with respect to … don, don, donn … COVID!

My observations are that the interplay of these three factors can be likened to a spectrum.

For the sake of positioning, let’s just say that the spectrum runs left to right with fear first followed by faith.

What pray tell then is freedom?

I assert that freedom is the fulcrum – that point right in the middle – which allows an evenhanded choice between fear and faith.

So, everything would be even Steven then, right?

Well, the lawyer in me says: “That depends!”

That depends on whether we seek “freedom of opportunity” or “freedom of outcome.”

Now that we have vaccines – the efficacy to eliminate the risk of contracting COVID not (yet) effective – we all have the “opportunity” to be vaccinated.

But, for many – especially up here in the PNW and especially King County’s Seattle – that’s not enough!!!

No! First, we need to prove in restaurants and gyms that we have taken the vaccine. And then, with respect to the later, we need to still mask up. Why?

Because there is an imposition by those “in authority” that all people must be vaccinated … and what?

“God will sort out the rest” such that we come to that fulcrum of equilibrium?

Now, I get the idea that vaccinations are a positive externality. This is to say that if I am vaccinated, then I am less likely to succumb to COVID and in doing so, then the chances of me spreading it to you are nullified.

That’s good for both of us! Yes! That’s good for both of us whether you are vaccinated or not.

Now, hold it right there!!! That wouldn’t be fair! You would be free-riding on my vaccination status. Quelle Horreur!

And this is what those damnable right-wingers are doing to the leftists.

OR, Is it possible that the leftists have gone to far with their: (a) mask mandates; (b) vaccination mandates; and (c) quarantine mandates?

Perhaps we should allow the marketplace of ideas to “duke it out!” That’s what we usually do in a democracy.

So, should we just have everyone scream at and over one another? I don’t think so!

On the other hand, should we just go ahead and muzzle people who have differing views then our own. No, that’s not it either.

Fortunately, our system of governance has the answer in that we have a Judicial branch which interprets and decides that which is Constitutional.

And, this has happened In Nat’l Federation of Independent Businesses v. OSHA, 595 U.S. ___ (2022). Slip Opinion {goes} [HERE].

Hmm? It looks like the federal government and in particular our executive branch doesn’t have the unfettered power to cram down on businesses to in turn force their employees to be vaccinated.

Great! That means businesses can make their own decision to force their employees to be vaccinated. And as it turns out, because businesses operate in a complex environment in which government has their fingers in their pie in many other regards, they determine it politically appropriate to do so.

So, what does this all this have to do with faith? Two things.

  1. Governments also seek  to impose this will on religious institutions which is anathema to the Bill of Rights.
  2. Religious institutions, at least historically, have taught people to have faith. “To let go and let God.”

So, who’s right?

Should religious institutions be required to have their practitioners to wear masks, to be vaccinated, & to quarantine?

Hell no! Jesus didn’t just hang out with the tax collectors and prostitutes, but the lepers too.

He was able to cure  them. And how was that so?

In my opinion, it is because Jesus never came into agreement with the common understanding of these individuals and in doing so freed them to think, feel and act about themselves in a completely new way.

He helped people to realize that they didn’t need to cower in fear.

So, what would Jesus do if he were to walk into the hot mess surrounding the global pandemic?

I believe he would suggest that everyone take the vaccine and also suggest that government, business, and religious institutions allow individuals to make their own choice.

See, to the extent that one suggests something, they are able to influence and unite.

But, as soon as someone starts to mandate something – because force negates – they lose persuasive power.

What’s much more important is that if forced is allowed to persist, it ultimately undermines a nation’s constitution … resulting in it’s collapse.

So, let me ask you a few final questions.

How is your constitution? Are you getting sick by COVID? Or, are you getting sick of COVID?

Maybe if you have gotten your vaccine, it’s time to put your fear and your mask away and have faith that it is all going to work out fine.

One thing is for certain. As to COVID and also as to you, this too shall pass.  

For fear’s sake, must our government and religious organizations do so too?

Have faith!