Chapter 4 of Thinking Into Results introduces us to a concept which allows us to finally see ourselves for what we truly are.

See, the problem is that the vast majority of people have no idea of who or what they really are.

Bob Proctor takes the first half of this lesson to explain the guided path he took from ignorance through bewilderment to understanding due to the aid of two of the most formative of his many mentors.

Ray Stanford was the first. This was the man that took an initial interest in giving Bob the tool to break out of the misery of his then 26 year old existence as an unhappy, sick, and broke fireman earning $4,000 with a $6K debt overhang.

Bob indicates that Ray spoke to him on a number of occasions and told him to start reading and specifically to read Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich.

Ray further indicated that if he did and followed the direction laid down in that book, that Bob could completely turn his life around.

At this point, Bob was unable to believe what Ray was telling him.

BUT, Bob believed that Ray believed in him and this was enough for him to take up Ray’s challenge.

Ray indicated that Napoleon Hill had spent his whole life putting together (and teaching) the ideas contained in Think and Grow Rich.

Hill’s first mentorship was under the richest man in the world and first billionaire Andrew Carnegie.

See, Carnegie did not want his secrets to success to pass when he did. And to assure that Hill got it completely right, Carnegie introduced Hill to over 500 of the world’s most prosperous individuals for process clarification and validation.

So Ray’s charge to Bob was to spend his whole life studying Think and Grow Rich.

Well, for a completely broke guy at 26 desperate to turn his life around Bob was willing to take and act on Ray’s advice.

Ray also indicated that Bob should figure out a goal and write it down on a goal card so that every time he looked at it or even touched it he would remember his goal and get after it.

So, Bob wrote down on his goal card to make to him then seemed like an otherworldly $25,000.

This got Bob switched off of the idea of thinking about debt and switched on the the idea of thinking about prosperity.

Bob states that in no time at all he overheard a conversation in which it was revealed that there was good money in cleaning office buildings.

Bob figured good money cleaning office buildings was not beneath him – a critical point worthy of highlight – and soon Bob was into the office cleaning business and through it all he continued to study Think and Grow Rich.

The result?

By the end of the year, he had elevated his annual income from $4,000 to $175,000 and within 5 years he had cleaning operations in Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Cleveland, Atlanta, and even London, England.

More amazing still, in 5 years time his draw was over $1 million!

That’s a heck of a lot of money especially when we take pause to realize that this occurred in the mid ’60s.

Bob relates that at one point he realized that he simply could not understand why this all came together for him so splendidly.

He said that he gave the records and the tapes to other people and oftentimes nothing happened for them. So, why did it happen for him.

To find out the answer he started to study more. Here of course is the point in Bob’s life when he shut down his business and went to work for Earl Nightingale in Chicago.

And as he was working and studying at the premier personal development business at the time, he was advised that he ought to go out and listen to a wise man’s teaching who was giving a seminar in Vancouver, BC.

Without hesitation, Bob flew out and got exposed to the teachings of Leland Val Van De Wall.

Knowing that Val Van De Wall had wisdom that Bob was yet desperate to possess, Bob stepped right up at the end of the seminar and sought to make an appointment with Mr. Leland.

Val Van Den Wall sought to sweep Bob aside by indicating that he was going to need to catch a flight, but Bob was not going to take no for an answer.

He acknowledged that just but like Leland he had to take flight back to Chicago, so the meeting could not happen then for him either.

So they arranged a meeting at Toronto, Bob’s home town a couple of weeks out that changed Bob’s life – and through Bob’s teachings – many many others!

At their Toronto meeting Leland Val Van De Wall didn’t just explain but illustrated why some people succeed and others do not by letting him know that he had a picture in his mind of the future good that he desired.

What’s more, Leland Val Van De Wall showed Bob that we have a difficult time changing the habitual patterns resident within our subconscious mind because we have no picture of it.

See, without a picture we are lost. We think in pictures.

The remedy is to generate a picture of the mind – not the brain – but rather the mind.

And fortunately for Leland Val Val Van De Wall, Bob Proctor, and anyone else who really wants to consciously know how to envision and teach the means of drastically changing their results, a doctor from San Antonio, Texas around 1934 had generated such a picture.

This doctor who was into the holistic medicine realized that instead of treating the symptoms of ill health. it is more important to go to the root cause.

His name was Dr. Thurman Fleet.

And the picture which Dr. Fleet provided for people to understand how to change their mind is none other than the “stick person.”

The “stick person” which is created by merely drawing a couple of circles; one larger and above and one smaller and below connected with a vertical line to represent a spine and four additional lines of the smaller circle to represent arm and leg limbs was his incredible insight.

Now, almost all who look at this “stickperson” are inclined to dismiss it as childish. That would be pure folly!

The “stickperson” is the means by which we can by simply separating the big circle which represents the mind in half with a horizontal line at the same time mentally separate the conscious and the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is the half circle above and the sub conscious is the half circle below.

Now, what’s important to realize is that the conscious mind is the thinking mind, the sub-conscious mind is the feeling mind, and whatever happens in the feeling mind sets up the actions which then causes our results in the external world.

So, to be able to understand how our mind is subconsciously programmed, we need only look  or otherwise sense our external results.

The problem is that almost all of our programming directs us ONLY to take heed of our external environment to dictate future results. Well, for most people that is a bad loop!

In order to change results, people need to consciously envision new results for the future and then impress this image onto their subconscious mind by getting emotionally involved in them.

By giving a picture with which to envision how this is done, Leland Val Van De Wall had released the magic genie!

Bob has since helped millions of people create several billions of dollars in realized value as a result of this one simple concept.

So now, if you want to get to know this magic genie and move far beyond your current conditions and circumstances to live a life of both service and pleasure by helping yourself, your family, and your team to achieve virtually unimaginable greatness, you too should make a decision.

Decide to check in with me right away!

We will make an arrangement to clarify your vision, set your goals, facilitate your study, and assure accountability in order for you to achieve your vision and your goals, with this phenomenal program – Thinking Into Results!