Ruminations have a couple of definitions. The original regards the action of a cow chewing its cud.

Currently, the word is used for the incessant thinking about something upon which one has become fixated.

Interesting application of a word and by knowing both definitions, it’s not that hard to recognize that the term is often used in psychological parlance for bad thoughts.

Our parents and cultural are generally ruminate on means by which to keep us safe which in reality means to live in fear.

Well, living in fear is no way to live. Here I am reminded of Clint Eastwood’s line in the The Outlaw Josey Whales where he says: “Dying ain’t much of a livin’ boy.”

But, what if we were able to use the “law of polarity” and instead of thinking horrible thoughts like: I’ll never amount to much; I can’t do anything right; I’m fat and ugly; nobody likes me; etc. etc…

We started to ruminate about our abilities to achieve our desires?

“Hell yeah, I can make this happen. I’m unstoppable. I just ate and I’m feeling great. I have friends – many whom I haven’t met yet – everywhere!”

Now the person with the jaundiced attitude would look at that and think what a load of bullocks! (Even though they may be much more expressive in their choice of words.)

But now think, really think about it. What is this business that Napoleon Hill talks about with regard to getting a “white, hot desire.”

As someone who has gone through plenty of negative ruminations, I recognize that it is really not much more than a bad loop in which thoughts run through the intellectual and emotional parts of the brain.

So, if ruminations can be used for self-afflicted, intellectual-emotional pain, doesn’t it stand to reason that they can also be used for self-abetted, intellectual-emotional pleasure?

Absolutely we can! It’s called developing a “magnificent obsession.”

So, repeat after me negative ruminations – BAD! Positive ruminations – GOOD!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to learn how to go from the doom-fulfilling cycle of the former to the upward spiral of positive manifestations which result from the later?

Well then check in with me, I’ll help you stop chewing your damnable cud so you can help your life be much better than a stick of bubble gum!