1. Intellectual Design

What is the best way to pursue and achieve the life of your dreams?

It would seem that this would be rather obvious. Figure out what you want to achieve and then go out and do it. What’s the big whup?

Well, it is that simple. And yet unfortunately a lot if not most people

Think about it, really think!

The pen is mightier than the sword.

What the heck does that mean?

The use comes from a higher level than the use of the sword.

Using the pen one usually taps into the reasoning mind, whereas use of the sword taps into the emotional mind.

With the reasoning mind

Tonight is book club night! I love it!

The wisdom of the ages are locked up in books. And what’s so cool is that we have the key to unlock them.

We just have to be willing to take some time to open up and read.

Ever since my move away from Minneapolis to Santa

The imagination is the most powerful, most miraculous inconceivably powerful force hat the world has ever known.

Bob Proctor pointed out this quote of Napoleon Hill’s often.

Yet, Bob Proctor also indicated that while we were allowed to use our imagination as small kids ‘to get us out from under our parents feet,’ when we

Ruminations have a couple of definitions. The original regards the action of a cow chewing its cud.

Currently, the word is used for the incessant thinking about something upon which one has become fixated.

Interesting application of a word and by knowing both definitions, it’s not that hard to recognize that the term is often


RE:         The Wall Street Journal Tuesday, November 28, 2000[2]

                No. 5 | In a Series on Unique Brand Challenges

                Jim McDowell, Vice President, Marketing, BMW of North America

The Ultimate Brand?


On beginnings. I went to Colorado College and then studied public policy at Harvard. So it’s not