Have you ever tried to rotate the position of a spinning gyroscope. It’s not as easy as expected.

What’s more the faster the gyroscope is spinning, the harder it is to change it’s “position or bearing.”

Now, for those of you who have studied personal development expert Earl Nightingale – whether directly or indirectly through

Don Shula – arguably the greatest coach in NFL history – is known for the wise words: “It’s the start which stops most people.”

Well yesterday, a young operations manager for our LA FITNESS in Seattle’s Ballard location stopped – i.e. concluded – her work.

Now, fortunately she was not fired. She’s going to take

Earl Nightingale started off his Lead the Field record series with a record called: “The Magic Word.”

What is the “magic word?” Well, I had always been taught that it was: “please” and “thank you.”

Though those aren’t just one word, they do point toward what Earl Nightingale was speaking about.

His “magic word” is

Res Ipsa Loquitur. 1. The meaning of this Latin phrase is: “the thing speaks for itself.”

Res Ipsa Loquitur. 2. This is the way my father marketed and grew his dental practice.

Res Ipsa Loquitur. 3. In tort law this doctrine allows a claim of negligence to generally carry its burden of proof without the

When seeking to learn how to better love any others, the most obvious place to start is with your own family.

Shared experiences may often be unevenly shared in respective family members memory. We all remain different.

But if you are going to invest your time anywhere, wouldn’t one of – if not “THE” –

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At Church this morning, the pastor indicated that his folks have property in Maryland’s Appalachia where the Amish also reside. He then spoke to the fact that a draft horse had the ability to individually pull 8,000 lbs.

His question was

For over a year I have been seeking to envision Boundary Breakthroughs. But at a deeper level, I have been working on this for much longer.

It took a very short period of time for me to realize that when neighbors hire attorneys to sort out their issues with the neighbor there is something really