Below is my note recently sent to the Seattle Men’s Book Club advocating to review this book this April 2024.

I had volunteered to host the club’s January meeting next Monday, but have bowed out because I decided to take a woodworking class which conflicts. Enjoy!

Gentleman –

I have received the Draft 2024 Selections

That’s right! Don’t Listen to the Naysaying Nellies!

When Master Mentor Gary Glass shared that with us this morning at the Pacific Coast Boot Camp, it really jumped out at me.

Gary then followed up by saying that you should make sure that you don’t share your dreams to anyone but a select few, because

Yesterday’s post spoke about the absence of purpose v. the presence of purpose.

In it I indicated much of the hardship that I had been going through in the pursuit of my own purpose – to help bring people together in peace!

Why exactly that is my purpose, I don’t know. But, it is one

A number of years ago on my original channel, I published my blog post “A Space Oddity.” SEE [HERE].

In doing so, I described the Audi Super Bowl 2016 Commercial which serves as tribute to David Bowie through it’s incorporated use of his song “Starman.”

This ad [RIGHT HERE], perfectly identified

In my role as a boundary dispute attorney, I often had to help neighbors contend with betrayal.

And truth be known, I had to assist some to orchestrate betrayal as well.

Also, it’s the rare individual who hasn’t been disappointed in life by people that they trust.

But, neither of these arise to the subject

Do you believe in miracles? YES!

42 years ago, those words marked a young Al Michaels conclusion to the call of the US v. USSR semi-final hockey game in the 1980 Olympics held in Lake Placid, NY, USA.

This game was not simply the victory of a sporting contest, it would later described by Michaels

Good Wednesday Morning! This was supposed to be my Tuesday post, but we got knocked off track on Monday with a bit of a Valentines surprise with one of the kids.

As a parent, the welfare of the kids comes before all else and so we spent some time in discussions that put me off

Bob Proctor used to often explain that feelings are one’s conscious awareness of one’s vibrations.

Really think about that for awhile.

In yesterday’s post I talked about how ruminations are often painful, but that we can turn them on their head and make ruminations pleasurable as well.

For those that do the later, they are