5. Self Image & Self Love

Have you ever tried to rotate the position of a spinning gyroscope. It’s not as easy as expected.

What’s more the faster the gyroscope is spinning, the harder it is to change it’s “position or bearing.”

Now, for those of you who have studied personal development expert Earl Nightingale – whether directly or indirectly through

At the beginning of the week I wrote down a list of blog posts for this week and with respect to today’s category – Self Image & Self Love – I had written: “Man in the Mirror.”

I think there were two prompts that converged when that title came to me.

If I am not

We’ve all made mistakes in the past. Some people more slight, others more grand.

But the reality is that we just aren’t going to get out of here alive, without making some mistakes.

This is a good thing!

Imagine having to live in a world in which any deviation from accuracy would be “game over!”

As Francis Ford Coppola’s movie Apocalypse Now starts, Martin Sheen’s character as U.S. Army Captain Willard finds himself (reflecting on his past) in a numb, dream state just waiting in his hotel room. In his soliloquy he says: ‘I wanted a mission, and for my sins they gave me one.’

The remainder of the movie

Today I started training at LA Fitness with Alberto Meza.

I also started Phase I of 75 Hard with Zimel.

My critical 8 tasks for today are all now a retrospective.

  1. Make calls (though I didn’t even break 20 outbound sales calls).
  2. Train with Alberto.
  3. Thank Melissa for giving me a rather aggressive nudge regarding training.
  4. Speak up on the sales call (which allowed me to learn Jeff Bosworth intends to be at our club on Monday).
  5. Get the oatmeal and honey Alberto recommended and chat up Rob at CVS and Dylan at Albertsons about membership.
  6. Walk a few extra steps to the dog park after my walk to see the big (albeit not full) moon.
  7. Check that my WSBA profile is current.
  8. Put together this post.

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For over a year I have been seeking to envision Boundary Breakthroughs. But at a deeper level, I have been working on this for much longer.

It took a very short period of time for me to realize that when neighbors hire attorneys to sort out their issues with the neighbor there is something really

It’s Maundy Thursday 2019. On Easter Morning, it will have been exactly 6 months since I retreated from my neighbor law practice of 10 years. It has not been a pleasant practice area.

Fortunately, I never witnessed outright violence. But, I did take on the emotional violence associated with stepping into the trenches to break