0. Fear, Faith & Freedom

Three and a half years ago, I set up this blog as the means of assisting boundary disputants and others to move beyond victimhood to become victors through personal development.

So, one would think that by now I would have hundreds of posts up and be far along on my mission of helping

Have you ever noticed that the people who cling most strongly to a belief are often those who deep down doubt it the most?

I’d love to have some witty example to put in here right now, but I don’t.

Nevertheless, at a very deep level I know this to be true.

Just as it

“Life’s a bitch and then you die.” – Unknown Masses

The closest book in the bible to exemplify this type of thought is Ecclesiastes.

For many years while I was a boundary dispute attorney, this was the book of the bible with which I found most resonance.

Intellectually fascinating, emotionally I was completely without

We are all either creating or disintegrating. This is to say we all are either moving forward or we are moving backward.

Oddly, in America – and especially in our corner of it in the PNW – we seem to have made a virtue of fear which precedes denigration.

My understanding is that at least

[Note: Bob originally posted this Justice Smiles’ article at BoundaryDisputeLaw.com on December 23, 2018.]

At Church this morning, the pastor indicated that his folks have property in Maryland’s Appalachia where the Amish also reside. He then spoke to the fact that a draft horse had the ability to individually pull 8,000 lbs.

His question was

For over a year I have been seeking to envision Boundary Breakthroughs. But at a deeper level, I have been working on this for much longer.

It took a very short period of time for me to realize that when neighbors hire attorneys to sort out their issues with the neighbor there is something really

It’s Maundy Thursday 2019. On Easter Morning, it will have been exactly 6 months since I retreated from my neighbor law practice of 10 years. It has not been a pleasant practice area.

Fortunately, I never witnessed outright violence. But, I did take on the emotional violence associated with stepping into the trenches to break