We are all either creating or disintegrating. This is to say we all are either moving forward or we are moving backward.

Oddly, in America – and especially in our corner of it in the PNW – we seem to have made a virtue of fear which precedes denigration.

My understanding is that at least

When seeking to learn how to better love any others, the most obvious place to start is with your own family.

Shared experiences may often be unevenly shared in respective family members memory. We all remain different.

But if you are going to invest your time anywhere, wouldn’t one of – if not “THE” –

Today I started training at LA Fitness with Alberto Meza.

I also started Phase I of 75 Hard with Zimel.

My critical 8 tasks for today are all now a retrospective.

  1. Make calls (though I didn’t even break 20 outbound sales calls).
  2. Train with Alberto.
  3. Thank Melissa for giving me a rather aggressive nudge regarding training.
  4. Speak up on the sales call (which allowed me to learn Jeff Bosworth intends to be at our club on Monday).
  5. Get the oatmeal and honey Alberto recommended and chat up Rob at CVS and Dylan at Albertsons about membership.
  6. Walk a few extra steps to the dog park after my walk to see the big (albeit not full) moon.
  7. Check that my WSBA profile is current.
  8. Put together this post.

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If you want to move far beyond your current conditions and circumstances to live a life of both service and pleasure by helping yourself, your family, and your team to achieve virtually unimaginable greatness, you too should make a decision.

Decide to check in with me right away!

We will make an arrangement to clarify

Again, I find myself doing the very unlawyerly act of lifting a post of a friend from his FaceBook account in which he indicates the following are the last words uttered by Steve Jobs on his deathbed as a billionaire at 56 years old.

Upshot, not only am I failing to provide proper citation, this