“Form is Content.” Notice how Orca’s whale tale is an echo of the roof, or is it the other way around? At any rate the micro and macro imitate one another.

This house was an absolute wreck several years and two construction companies had false starts before they built this one less than 5 years ago. For proof, see [HERE].[1]

My immediate thought was why the heck would you ever do an inverted roof in that portion of the PNW where we have a lot of drizzling rain – Seattle.

Well, here we are with the roofing answer – Orca!

Again, Orca roofing’s whale tale is an echo of the roof itself, or is it the other way around?

One should hope that Orca is able to provide an adequate solution.

But, if the original design is faulty, well then how much can Orca really do?

It would seem that builders that place inverted roofs in the rainy northwest certainly assist roofers to stay in business.

Point here is to take care of the small details because they represent over time in a big way.

Again, the micro and macro meet!


[1] Amazingly, this post of the old house is 2 days off of being 5 years to the day!