Have you ever noticed that the people who cling most strongly to a belief are often those who deep down doubt it the most?

I’d love to have some witty example to put in here right now, but I don’t.

Nevertheless, at a very deep level I know this to be true.

Just as it is the homophobe who is secretly the most insecure with his sexuality, it is the doubter who wants to believe who acts as the zealot.

Why is this?

I think it has something to do with breaking through the boundary from doubt to belief.

To transgress this boundary at first takes a lot of force, one does so only through sheer will power and the desire to secure that which attaches to the desired belief.

And interestingly in the Bible, there are many, many admonitions: “Do not be afraid.”

Well, where does fear come from? I think it is when we doubt the future. We look into the mirror and we see nothing and realize life as an abyss.

What a waste! That’s the waste of time I was stuck in for over a decade.

I finally escaped and the only way I was able to do that was by getting into action.

“Action causes feelings, just as feelings cause actions.”

This is wisdom from Earl Nightingale’s Lead the Field and yet I also saw it recently reflected upon in James Clear’s Atomic Habits too.

I finally got into action and got a job at LA Fitness learning sales.

Now, am I making anything near what I can as an attorney? Of course not!

But, just like Robert Kioyosaki indicates in Rich Dad, Poor Dad, it is not about the money.

If you are working for money, you will never really be rich. Work for experience and then secure equity based on the knowledge and good ideas that you cull, that will make you rich!

Well, I have been learning the skill of selling which forces me to have greater faith in myself as a salesman and low and behold, I have been achieving this result.

I am a good salesman, not a great salesman (yet), but a good salesman … which is a far cry from where I was originally.

So, how did it happen? I finally gave up my fear of other’s judgment and just got to work.

By getting in step, I was able to cross the line from debilitating self-doubt to increasing self-belief.

It just took Action!

Thinking about a thing will not do it. But, Thinking, then feeling, and getting into action will.

And with the emergence of this belief, I believe I can do much more.

I believe I can parlay my current position into a Corporate Wellness Directorship.

And from there, I am able to use the knowledge and contacts to finally seek to achieve the results I had sought to believe 3 years ago when first starting with the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

That is to be the one to fulfil on the promise to bring the materials of self-improvement which Bob Proctor had cultivated into the corporate arena.

Do I still have some doubts? Yes, of course I do. But, am I willing to believe that I can achieve that which I want to do? Yes.

And now I know what it takes. Simply getting into action!

Hope you all had great weekends! Get some good rest, we are going into the last full week of February tomorrow. Cheers!