This morning I went to church and heard from the pastor the reference to an insight that Thomas Friedman has made with respect to God.

As she retold it, the analogy is that God has done to all of us just the same as that which Kevin McCallister’s family did to him when blindly scurrying to catch their holiday vacation flight – rendered us Home Alone.

Essentially, it is upon the child of the McCallister and the children of God to now put on our “big boy pants” [or “big girl pants” as the case may be] and start taking care of our own problems.

Now, that’s a big idea. It suggests that in the past God walked (figuratively) hand in hand with at least a select group of people and now that contact has been withdrawn.

I didn’t buy it! I believe that God or as Napoleon Hill Identifies as “Infinite Intelligence” not only exists but is indeed still right here with all of us. And, as long as we have the faith to move forward, God does help out.

Now that’s another big idea. Earl Nightingale, who was directly mentored by Napoleon Hill, explained it as when you move toward your goal, your goal moves toward you. The why and how that happens is beyond my level of explanation, but I do know that these types of serendipities occur.

These serendipities occur with sufficient occurrence at least for some that they become … dun, dun, da – “Spiritual.”

Spiritual folks. Hmm? Who have they generally been? Oh right, they are the pastors, rabis, imams, swamis, etc…

Well. It seems that many of these spiritual leaders are not doing their job and are allowing things to run amok.

Just kidding. Or am I?

In that I wasn’t in possession of enough time to articulate my views in conversation on our open house zoom call meeting this past Friday at the Napoleon Hill Institute, I did believe it was appropriate to check in on a written exchange forum.

Here’s the transcript with names redacted.

BZ – In outwitting the devil, is the Napoleon Hill Institute willing to acknowledge that religious traditions, while certainly imperfect, also can offer paths to the understanding of universal values? Is having a faith tradition better than having none whatsoever or are we to renounce and embrace spirituality alone? Maybe a false dichotomy? A pastor of mine once explained that there are several paths to “climb the mountain”. I like this in that it serves as an acknowledgment that differing faith traditions can coexist and appreciate that we need not all be on exactly the same path. This is why I can appreciate Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and Taoists … and have enjoyed the inside of each of their respective houses of worship too. I believe the purpose of NHI is to help people to better move along the path (which may or may not include religion) that they come to increasingly find their greater selves and serve others. My opinion, which others are free to reprove, is that for many “Spirituality” alone is too amorphous. [9:30].

First Respondent – #1 – In my experience it seems religious people have more questions than they have answers and now through this teaching I have found more answers to my questions. When you have the kingdom of God you don’t need religion because I now see that the kingdom of God is the original truth about mankind for example religious people say the truth is I am a sinner. Well, it may be true that I was a sinner but that’s not the truth about me. To me the truth is original information about a product. The original information on mankind is that we have inherited a kingdom that was prepared for us from the foundation of the world. See Matthew 24. These are some of my thoughts. [9:49]

First Respondent – #2 – I also want to add that I have heard many religious people speak things that are truth and they have helped me to understand myself better. [9:51]

BZ – @First Respondent to your comments. I believe you are correct. Our understanding of the rational through Science has far outstripped our understanding of the irrational through those who have professed to have a monopoly on Faith … and this attempt at the monopolization of Faith is exactly why there is so much discord amongst religions. It then often is even made worse when manipulators within Faith traditions seek to use faith traditions to justify war. With respect to Christianity. I have guardedly been able to accept my Faith tradition by realigning the (purported)_ words of Jesus – “No one comes to the Father (in Heaven), but through me” – to represent the meaning that Jesus is to be understood ONLY as the professed embodiment of “LOVE”. Though having insufficient knowledge to know, I think that this is the universal truth that all religions seek. Further, it seems that Western religions pursue this understanding externally whereas Eastern religions pursue this truth primarily internally. Either path ultimately affords the divinity that is within the individual to meet the divinity which is in the Universe. IMHO, our role and goal is to best manage this gap – which is our own life. We do this by lovingly contributing to the world in the manner in which we are uniquely made to graciously serve others as we allow others to in turn graciously serve each of us. [10:23]

Second Respondent – #1 – Great questions. If going around the world and looking at theology – studying spirit – the very common concept of loving benevolence is what we may call God, infinite intelligence, and etc.

The main thing – love God. Love others & living beings. (Which doesn’t mean we must like everyone – simply wish everyone well and not harm/hurt to them).

Under that point, nobody would ever seek to control another person and to be willing to work through disagreements so that no impasse happens.

The shift may be when “people” get involved and over time someone ego thought they had power or “owned” judgment of others – instead of free will which our creator gifted us!

As I learned more about spirituality I feel I can drop into any spiritual practice or religion and get [the] sense of their intention to serve in the greater good for all – welcome individual expression.

When it’s about the “person” doing [the] speaking or teaching and it becomes about them – or without compassion to understand other people – this is where those seeking higher ascending drop off. Others stay and play “not to lose” instead of how to win and always be growing a full realm in life.

I think most religions hold and intention for spiritual connection; others attract people who come under failures in leadership by being attracted to power and prestige of the “title”[.] [12:43]

BZ – <<Name>> [of Respondent #2], I wish I could say that you took the words right out of my mouth (but certainly can’t). Thank you for saying from the heart what I seam to only arrive at through the intellect. Yours is the better way!!! Sincerely, BZ/JUSTICE SMILES, pllc [12:53]

Second Respondent – #2 – Oh Robert grateful for your words – I don’t have any better way.

Your words and intellect are amazing and well said. [1:05]

Non-Respondent # 1 – Happy Sunday everybody!

I’m just wondering are we allowed to share the link that’s inside the private space group book for people to register for tomorrow for the self-discipline challenge? Or where do they register for that? I have a couple of people asking and I registered from the direct email I believe but for new people? … thank you for any info. [2:03]

And this reminds me now at 10:00 PM as I finish off this text before editing ahead of post out that there is a challenge for anyone/anywhere who wants to really move ahead this Month.

Now, if you are over here on the West Coast, this is going to be an incredibly difficult challenge … unless you want to push forward another 4.5 hours. Why?

Because the challenge is to get up and go at 5:50 EST. I’m going to the link and register and then bring it back for anyone who possibly is daft enough to go for it along with me.

Why? Because I am needing the hard reset … and I know this is going to be the best way to do it!

So, to the question that serves to title this blog post … which if you forgot is … Is Justice Smiles finally ready to “Outwit the Devil” along with the Napoleon Hill Institute?


Here’s not only the link but the accompanying letter from our leader Cliona O’Hara …

Dear Robert, This will be my first of many personal letters to you. I want to develop a relationship with you and anyone in our community who has a true desire to serve from the heart and help others whilst on their visit to earth.   I have leaped wholeheartedly back into the process of defining my vision for Napoleon Hill Institute. In seasons like these, sometimes a warm cup of coffee and an empty notebook are just the right atmosphere for new ideas to take shape for me.  Last week after studying Chapter 7 (Self Discipline) of Outwitting the Devil, I personally had an emotional impact.  Hill’s words struck me, and I took an immediate true self-analysis of myself and my own inventory.  I created an instant burning desire to take action and help others with this information.  Hill talked about our body and how the devil uses toxic foods as a Poison to contaminate our “sewage system” which then creates the habit of drifting.   The thought of my body or even my children’s body as a sewage system rang true to me. “What have we been eating and how have we been feeling recently?” I asked myself.   I just moved home and with the move came a lack of order. We were eating out or getting quick takeaway options because our home was not set up yet properly.  I found myself going to quick snacks that I wouldn’t normally eat. I could feel it in the morning.  I wasn’t as energetic as I normally am, “Oh this is what Hill was talking about… I could start to drift.”      Drifting is not an option for me, I have children who depend on me and a company to lead with integrity.  How can I teach and spread these teachings if I’m not 100% following them myself personally?   I had a good talk with myself and did what I always do (with no judgment), I made a DECISION.   While closing out our daily study call, I discovered an opportunity to serve you in a new way.  Today, I’m excited to share my latest offering with you. Created from my heart and born out of a desire to empower you to prosper in your mind, body and soul in the months ahead—I am so proud to announce that we are launching the Self Discipline Camp, Monday morning at 5:30am.  This is a free 30-day challenge to help you step into your “other self” your “higher self” with me and our team. Details – FOR EST TIME ZONE: When: Oct 2, 2023 05:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting: 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Details – FOR PACIFIC TIME ZONE: When: Oct 2, 2023 05:30 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting: 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.  ________________________________________________________ Consider this your personal invitation to dive deep with me into discipline, develop a new relationship and meaning with this word. I remember thinking “discipline” was a punishment of some form, I laugh now as I write that.  After doing several of these 30 day reset camps myself in the past, I know one thing for sure, discipline is actually “Self-Love”, “Self Mastery” and I personally feel closer to God when I am disciplined and keeping my word to myself and others.  I am also not a follower of starting new habits or creating order just at the beginning of a new year. I feel we should get a head start now in the last quarter…   Just imagine how good you will feel before New Year with this 30-day commitment and accomplishment in your wins journal!  2024 is a year that is brimming with promise and potential; however we still have three very powerful months to create momentum and lasting impact to close out 2023.   Something beautiful is awaiting you on the other side of this self-discipline camp. I would love to explore the opportunity to find it together. I can’t wait for you to join me. I have no doubt that it is going to be quite an adventure of self-awareness and self love. Feel like this is your time? Sign Up for the Self Discipline Camp, it is free to all and invite as many as you want to join us.  With Sincere Love and Gratitude, Cliona O’Hara ________________________________________________________ You are invited to join us in a 30-day free Self Discipline Camp. The Camp will be led by the New Napoleon Hill Institute Founder, Cliona O’Hara. Together we will embark on an amazing 30-day challenge inspired by the timeless principles of self-discipline and personal development. Here’s what you can expect: – Daily Guidance: Every day, at 5:30 am EST, we will get together. We will study and meditate, setting a powerful tone for the day ahead. – Self-Discipline Mastery: Learn how to cultivate self-discipline, establish empowering habits, and align your actions with your Definite Major Purpose. – Holistic Well-being: Gain insights into improving your diet, enhancing your sleep quality, and nurturing your overall mental and physical health. – Supportive Community: Become part of a dedicated community of individuals, all working towards the same frequency of success. THIS is your chance to become a part of such a remarkable experience—an opportunity to align yourself, elevate your life, and create lasting habits that lead to unparalleled success. Ready for the transformation?